The Dry Tortugas


No matter where you are staying in the Florida Keys, at some point you will find yourself heading south and west on the Overseas Highway to the end of the road in Key West. Not only the home of the famous Fantasy Fest and The Mallory Square sunset party, this is the place to visit in the Florida Keys if you are on the lookout for exciting and adventurous food choices. Along Duvall Street and off to the side streets the curious gourmand will find genuine Tapas cafes, amazing Cuban food, Italian trattorias, and French bistros. Many excellent choices defy categorization and it often pays to just duck into a new place with an interesting menu for lunch or dinner. You just might discover the next hot spot in Old Town and you can say you got there first!


Recently we ventured to Key West on another mission, to jump off on a long promised trip out to the Dry Tortugas National Park.  Visitors can arrange a trip out to this extremely isolated group of islands by ferry or seaplane. We chose the ferry this time around, but next time we just might consider the considerably more expensive plane ride to give us more time on the island to explore Fort Jefferson. The website link above is a great source of information about the park, with details on the fort, snorkeling and diving, camping, and the fascinating history behind the fort itself.