Hidden Beaches of the Keys


Tucked away off the main highway in Tavernier, gently lapped by Atlantic Ocean waves held in check by our offshore reefs, visitors to the Keys can enjoy one of our rare sandy beaches. A man-made breakwall surrounds a shallow "natural" salt water pool, providing excellent swimming and snorkeling for families with children. Picnic tables and a lovely playground are shaded by mature palms and native tropical hardwoods. A recently revamped boat ramp and dock provide excellent launching and parking for trucks and trailers.

The launch ramp is just minutes from some of the best scuba diving in the Keys. From here you can take a north heading to explore the spur and groove formations of Molasses Reef, or head south to the wall at Alligator Reef. Give us a call before you head out and we will be glad to share coordinates of dozens of other dive sites.

Many boaters will find time to visit our infamous Whale Harbor "Sandbar" off of Islamorada to take in the party atmosphere. If you are in search of a quieter anchorage Tavernier Key lies just off the park with it's own low tide sandbar, excellent holding, and lee side protection from Atlantic Ocean breezes.

Not far from the park, at the end of Caribbean Avenue, visitors will find an excellent hidden spot to put in with a SUP or kayak. Dove Creek provides an excellent tour through the mangroves out to the Ocean, and the intrepid paddler can push on out to Rodriguez Key, or stop in for lunch and libations at Snappers Restaurant. Mind the tides though, as the Creek can be quite challenging to the less athletic when the current builds. The Creek is teeming with Parrot Fish and Barracuda, and we have spotted Sharks, Tarpon and more in the crystal clear waters.

The park generally opens around 7:30 and closes at dusk. Pay attention to your time if you do launch a boat, as after hours the gates are closed and locked. A call to the sheriffs office will get you out, but you will be waiting for some time. Admission to the park is free weekdays, but there are charges on the weekend and Holidays.

Enjoy your visit, and please boat safely and be mindful of your trash!